Cave & Basin NHS

I recently moved to the Canadian Rocky Mountains and can’t say enough about the wild beauty of the landscape. It felt like home right away. There are so many sites to explore – natural and cultural – from mountain passes and river valleys to historic homesteads and POW camps. The story of this region began many thousands of years ago… Read more →

Global Archaeology Expert: Kelsey Lowe

In February of last year, during my year of digs, I spent a few weeks in Tasmania with the Flinder’s University Historical Archaeology Field School run by Dr. Heather Burke. We were based at Willow Court, a large complex of buildings that functioned as a mental health institution from 1827 to 2000. The goal for that season’s fieldwork was to… Read more →

Maple Syrup – Exploring Canadian Culture

Since finishing the ‘year of digs’ and returning to my homeland I’ve been thinking about the different cultures I’ve encountered and what gives my own culture it’s Canadian-ness. There are lots of stereotypes about Canadians, some of which are true (we are ‘nice’ and ‘polite’ and if being ‘boring’ results in a fairly stable banking system I’m all for it).… Read more →

Global Archaeology Expert: Ben Thorne

The first Global Archaeology Expert to be featured hails from the North Island of New Zealand. Ben Thorne of Datum Archaeology is a Contract Archaeologist and Survey Specialist in spatial field recording. That means that he digitally records the artefact locations, features and topography of an archaeological site and turns that into maps and photo realistic models that can be… Read more →

Architectural conservation in Zürich’s Altstadt

I’ve always loved old buildings so spending a month in Zürich, Switzerland, is a real treat. When walking through the Altstadt (Old Town) I always find my gaze drifting up to admire the decorative cornices and oriel windows. Several structures have their date of construction on them and – although they look pristine – many are 500-700 years old! Keeping… Read more →