Digging Deep Time: stone tools at Stélida

As an average person with an average lifespan, it’s very difficult to wrap your head around a time span of 1 million years. This is the amount of time that has passed since hominins first moved into Europe from Africa, during a period called the Lower Palaeolithic before modern humans had even evolved. It has always been assumed that these… Read more →

Totsiens South Africa! Goodbye!

Although I was only in South Africa for two weeks it was a very full experience. After arriving in Cape Town and visiting Robben Island I met up with some of the Pinnacle Point archaeology team and we set off east towards Mossel Bay. Along the way we stopped for lunch at the Bon Courage Estate and sampled some of… Read more →

High tech digging in South Africa – Pinnacle Point

I’m spending month five of Global Archaeology with a large team of archaeologists and volunteers at the Pinnacle Point cave shelter site in South Africa. The team is investigating the earliest evidence for human coastal foraging and the excavations are unearthing stratigraphy that dates from 50 000 years ago to as much as 90 000 years ago! The lives of… Read more →

Gracias Mexico! Hasta luego!

Month four of Global Archaeology was spent on the Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico. Jutting out between the Caribbean Sea to the east and the Gulf of Mexico to the north and west, the Yucatán is a popular destination for holiday makers. While most head to the famous Mayan Riviera on the eastern Caribbean coast, I was based right in the… Read more →

Excavating and eating in the Yucátán

The archaeology team I joined in the Yucátán Peninsula of Mexico are searching for evidence of ancient Maya gardening. At the same time we were eating home-cooked Yucatec Maya food for lunch every day. This mix of present consumption and past production really intrigued me. Some of the basic ingredients eaten in the area have remained the same for thousands… Read more →