Behind the scenes at the Bishop Museum

Aloha! I am spending month ten in Honolulu on the gorgeous Hawaiian island of Oʻahu, based at the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum which is also the Hawaiʻi State Museum of Natural and Cultural History. I get to spend my time behind the scenes with the Archaeology Collections in the Anthropology Department helping out with some lab-based projects. Princess Bernice Pauahi… Read more →

Slàinte Alba! Cheers Scotland!

The Highlands of Scotland is a hill walker’s paradise. Most of my stay in Scotland was spent in the Highlands and while there, as well as visiting many archaeological sites, I made my way (slowly) up a few mountains. The views you can get on a clear day are breathtaking and even on weather filled days you finish with a… Read more →

Stirling Castle: visiting archaeology in Scotland

A fantastic thing about visiting Europe, whether you are an archaeologist or not, is castles! I love them so much that over the years I’ve been to castles in Ireland, Switzerland, Italy, France, Wales, Scotland, Portugal and Greece. These have varied from overgrown ruins to occupied homes and from small square structures to sprawling complexes. It is great fun to… Read more →

Living the archaeological life: digging on the Isle of Mull

Having recently left the dry golden Alentejo plains of southern Portugal my first morning on the Isle of Mull in the west coast of Scotland was shockingly misty and green! I’m here digging with an archaeological field school run by Heritage and Archaeological Research Practice (HARP) who have been collaborating with the Mull Archaeology Interest Group (MAIG) to investigate the… Read more →

Tchau Portugal! Até mais….

Month eight in Portugal was wonderful! I had not expected to be blown away by the architecture and landscapes I encountered, not to mention the food…. And the archaeology we were digging and sites we visited were pretty outstanding too! Being based in Beja, a small city in the Alentejo region, it was easy to travel around southern Portugal and… Read more →

Beja’s streets: visiting archaeology in Portugal

I’ve been excavating with the Projecto Outeiro do Circo for month eight of Global Archaeology and we are based in the small southern Portuguese city of Beja. This quiet place in the fertile Baixo Alentejo region has been occupied since the Iron Age – after the nearby Late Bronze Age fortified hilltop settlement we are excavating went out of use.… Read more →

Cup Marked Stones – “Rocha com Covinhas”

The Late Bronze Age fortified hill of Outeiro do Circo I’m helping to excavate this month has a lot to investigate. The team – led by site directors Miguel Serra and Eduardo Porfirio and supervisor Sofia Eiras – have opened a number of trenches on the summit of the hilltop and just inside the enclosing wall. Their goal for this… Read more →

Slán leat Éireann! Goodbye Ireland!

When people think of Ireland often the first thing that comes to mind is the Irish pub. These can be found all over the globe (I have enjoyed a pint in one or two as far away from Ireland as Lesotho and Tasmania) but the atmosphere of a genuine Irish pub cannot be recreated outside of this island nation. If… Read more →